Staring into Space


What do you see when you begin to stare at something and are unknowingly pulled into a realm full of stillness thick with mindlessness? When you look into space, at a face, a loved one, a hated one, or even when you create an elaborate dream that may never come true.

Does it look back at you? Does it scare you?  Talk to you?  Heal you?


You can see everything from that nowhere place.  All potentials and possibilities.

You can see the Riddles of Life as they dance across your vision.

That’s my way of “looking” at life – I take delight in every glimpse, every sigh, every breath.

Maybe, just maybe, I’m really staring into the space of me.

Lost Understandings


There was a time when humanity recognized itself as being part of nature and nature being part of humanity. Back then, dreaming and waking were inseparable realities; the natural and the supernatural merged and blended. For example, some cultures used images of nature to express this natural transpersonal unity between nature and man through the use of petroglyphs. neanderthals-96507_1280Shamans, priests, chiefs, and priestesses were the keepers of the sacred knowledge of life and as such these individuals were tied to the rhythm and force of nature. They were capable of walking the threads that link the invisible and visible worlds in an effort to help people remember all that is on and within this earth is divine.

Fast forward to current time. It seems we have lost the understanding that all things are connected and each connection has great significance. Within the physics of life, we cannot separate the physical from the spiritual nor the visible from the invisible. When we begin to “remember”, through conscious natural healing and enlightenment how our spiritual self manifests within every nano-second of our daily life, we begin to realize the intricate paradox of how our “inner-world” gets so out of whack with the “outer-world”.  Maybe its a bit of an unanswerable question – should we heal the spirit first or the body?

Here’s my answer to this. Natural healing works to reconnect conscious human life with nature and spirit – the physical and the spiritual. You and I cannot be separated from the natural world therefore we each have a responsibility to know as much about the inside and outside environment about being us. We need to feel our insides and outsides. The more you learn about yourself, without judgement, the easier it will be to expand enough to experience all the joys and learnings you came into this life to experience.

That means, dear readers, we must gently heal both the spirit and the body at the same time.  Focusing heavily on only one aspect throws us both out of balance.

Everyone is your teacher as well as your student

girl-516341_1280That’s how children live life. They constantly exists in a natural state of learning and teaching that does not contain judgement or criticism of what they are experiencing.

That is the lost understanding

Do you want to experience life with a healthy sense of childish wonder?

Stop the judgement and criticism and truly accept and honor yourself and all others.  

Then you and this universe can heal.


Earth Spirituality


I am a practicing herbalist. I love plants – I feel them.  I see them in dreams. Plants heal without injuring the body – short of poisonous plants of course. Herbs and clean food help the body heal naturally and without side effects. How was this all learned by the ancient ones? Why does it still work?

Simplicity is probably the answer. Plants simply balance the unbalanced.  I for one have been pretty unbalanced.

There are many ways of gathering “information” from this world we exist in. One older yet well-known practice has been used by ancient indigenous cultures from before written records were kept. The information was handed down orally, through song, dance, pictorially, and by passing the memory to the many generations that followed them. Each culture had a unique way of receiving and learning the uses of plant medicines from the plants themselves – and they received even more information from the Earth herself.

Following is an excerpt from the book “Sacred Plant Medicine” authored by Stephen Buhner that touches on how to restore our connection with all life – to awaken ourselves to the beauty and possibilities of life.

“For those on the Earth-centered spiritual path, the Earth itself is the place of worship; all things posses a soul, every tree, stone, and root. To those in relationship with Earth, the Earth, and each part of the Earth is a manifestation of the sacred, a creation of Spirit. Both the whole of Earth and each part of it can manifest itself as the ganz andere, the totally other. Within Earth-centered cultures the stone and the tree are venerated as an expression of the sacred, a creation of God. Oftentimes, either the ritual or through direct manifestation of the sacred, the stone or tree begins to exhibit a totally other reality. It begins to manifest the sacred archetype of its kind. Far from the pipeline to a deeper and more meaningful reality. And within Earth-centered religious practices, individuals spend many years, sometimes a lifetime, in developing deep relationship with the aspect of the sacred that has revealed itself.”

29041653_sThis is who I am. This is how I help heal imbalance. Simplicity – Not complexity. I use the Earth, her flowers, plants, foods and very much her spirit that exists in me. Used in different fashions, and especially when used through the practice of becoming present with all that is, is how we can find peace. We discover an easier way to let go of our painful stories and finally come out of the shadows. We begin to live an authentic life filled with joy and wonder rather than hatred and judgments of self and others.

This posting is partially an update of where I am with my personal healing program.  “Wading Into Wild Water” is the journal of this healing.

You Have The PowerThis posting is all about who I am and what I do – it can help you begin your own healing journey.

Its time to hear your own voice and let it be heard by others.

Join me in healing. Comment back. Reach out.


Circular Synchronicity

Natures Spiral.jpg

Nature’s truism is within a circle all points are equal. Even the cycles of nature are circular; there are seasons, days and nights, life and inevitable death. Moving through life with circular graceful consciousness births empowerment.


We humans love to push things. When we push against the circle, we begin to “think” circle, or “think” flow. This “I need to control and understand” action makes the circle linear with a beginning and an end.  It distorts the natural flow of life.

Moments are like perfect circles. When we consciously pause within a moment, no point has a better vantage point of clarity then another.  Each moment is perfect.  Each moment is a prequel to what follows.

Surrender. Let things go-just flow. To try to hold any point makes us linear.

Within the circle lives the beginning, the end, and everything in between.

Be full of perfect synchronicity.


A Little Girl


She spent her life dancing to her favorite songs,

She was a little girl who was all alone.

Eyes wide open, always hoping for the sun,

She was a little girl who was all alone.

Fragile as leaf in autumn just falling to the ground,

Without a sound.

She had a crooked little smile on her blue-eyed face,

as she tells her silent tale of grace.

She was a little girl who still stood all alone.

Silent Words


I long for a language of love and simple truths; where wrong words don’t exist.

I long to begin a silent conversation with effortless words that find the person they were spoken for; on the tail of swirling breezes from a windless dream.

I long for a time when words can be shared universally without hesitation and fear of judgement; honoring all beliefs.

I long for a time to pause at the edge of a midnight forest; breathing in the soft sweetness of the night.

I long for wildness wherever it lives – to free my longings and dance with abandonment.


Chocolate Hugs


All chocolate lovers have experienced the incredible orchestra of flavors that explode when eating a truffle.  To honor this work of art and instrument of pleasure, it must be allowed to dissolve in the mouth very slowly – eyes closed while keeping the external world completely shut out.  Only the sensuous flavors mixing and mingling together are worthy of any conscious involvement.

The subtle changes in the taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth is always quite exquisite, but a las, when it is gone, I do believe the senses miss the chocolate more than the mouth does.  It feels like it became a memory so abruptly . . . but it did become a damn good memory.


A thought, dear readers.  What would happen if we chose to experience other aspects of our daily life with such deep, thoughtful inner reflection?  What if the hug we give our children tonight when we send them off to bed or as they rush out the door tomorrow, was experienced not only as a habit it tends to become, but with every squeeze of that child, pet, spouse, or friend, we hugged with all our senses and loved with our whole being? What if we allowed ourselves to feel the warmness, the heart-connection, and sense of being loved for a least one second longer before we plunge right back down into “feeling alone in the world.”

It is almost Valentines Day.  Go eat chocolate if you like it, or if you don’t, eat Creamed Herring, Creme Brulé – anything that is a treat to you. Then go out of your way to give someone a hug – REALLY HUG THEM.

Now, for possibly the first time of your life, hug yourself with every ounce of love you have.

I Am The Memory Keeper


Longing, loss, lost and grief. Some of the hardest things to work with and I’m not talking about just the death of “a person” – it can be the death of a routine, a recipe you lost from your great-great-grandmother, a job opportunity you thought you had in the bag, or you just found out they discontinued your favorite brand of toilet paper. Grief is not something to be “cured” or “get over” – hell no. You have to live through it, grapple with it, smack it down and watch it bounce back up and feel it tear your heart to pieces. The bummer is in our society, we are taught to deny our grief.  We can have it for a little bit, but not too long because we need to “get over it”.

John Green said the following in his novel, “The Fault in Our Stars”.

“The pleasure of remembering had been taken from me, because there was no longer anyone to remember with. It felt like losing your co-rememberer which meant losing the memory itself, as if the things we’d done were less real and important than they had been hours before.”

POWERFUL!  Boy, I personally understand this quote to its tightest throat-strangling point. I lost my entire birth family before I was 50. Parents and siblings.  All the birth-family participants that co-created my childhood memories have passed on. That is how I became the “Keeper of Memories”.

Brene Brown says when we experience loss we will then have longing, which is a type of “yearning for wholeness, for understanding, for meaning, for the opportunity to regain or even simply touch what we’ve lost”.  It seems most of us try to keep those longings to ourselves so we don’t appear weak  (what the “f” is that all about?  Who taught us that!?!”)

LOST LOST LOST – Frozen in time.  Nothing is normal and we fear telling people we feel lost. Why is this happening? The experience of grief – the effect of grief actually, is that we must reorient ourselves to our physical, emotional and social world.  Again. With “I’m Grieving” stamped on your forehead.  Remember, this happens from “grieving” anything, not just a person.  The loss of your sanity, the shock of being told you are terminally ill. We forget how to behave, where to park the car, or stare at a word and not comprehend its meaning even if life depended on it.

How do we pull ourselves out of this quagmired quicksand box of grief?  Carefully. Gently and within our own time-frame.  And, dammit, by forgiving.  The new “f” word in society. For forgiveness to occur, something has to die.  Here we go again, the longing, loss, lost and grief. To forgive, we must feel the pain of each of those. Forgiveness involves death and grief.

Forgiving those that died, forgiving the boss that didn’t give you that well-deserved promotion, forgiving your husband for watching football every damn Sunday, forgiving your hairdresser for the stupid “doo” she gave you just before a wedding. It’s all connected – forgiveness is paramount.  That word has made me cringe my entire life.  I hate it.

So, let’s replace that “f” word with “Letting Go” – is not just to be altruistic, letting go really is the best form of “self-interest”.  It doesn’t exclude feeling hatred and anger – that’s all part of being human. To that point, I read this from somewhere . . .

“You should never hate yourself for hating others who do terrible things:  The depth of your love is shown by the extent of your anger.”

I’ve been rambling on for quite some time so I’m going to complete this long-winged musing with a poignant and exceptionally “in your face” quote by C.S. Lewis.

“To love at all is to be vulnerable. Love anything and your heart will certainly be wrung and possibly be broken. If you want to make sure of keeping it intact, you must give it to no one, not even an animal. Wrap it carefully round with hobbies and little luxuries; avoid all entanglements. Lock it up safe in the casket or coffin of your selfishness. But in that casket, safe, dark, motionless, airless, it will change. It will not be broken; it will become unbreakable, impenetrable, irredeemable.

To love is to be vulnerable.