The Judgement Jungle

Re-Framing JudgementPhoto Credit to LDW

Have you noticed how easy it is to judge a person’s behavior and/or choices whether it personally affects you or not?  Maybe we shouldn’t jump to conclusions so quickly with our judgement.  Generally speaking, our human tendency is to dance around and find a reason to judge others when those exact behaviors and “opportunities to grow” exist within us – that is when we should pause and reflect upon the personal motives within ourselves.  When we incriminate someone else, we damage self.  We can choose to change how we frame our judgement by going one step further and change the focus to the good that lies within each person and situation.

Some individuals create great change that is easily seen, while others quietly teach us things that appear to be completely hidden until we reflect upon the incredible impact they had on our lives.  Positive or negative. Negative cannot exist without positive and visa-versa. One cannot exist without the other because they are intricate parts of each other.

So, maybe we can begin to re-frame what we feel and see in other people and events of the everyday world by simply pondering the late fall sunflower photograph above. It is covered with the battle-scars and blemishes of its entire life as well as all the beauty and strength of its entire existence.  Just think, its life began as a simple seed and it was nourished by sun and rain.  And thunderstorms, droughts, bugs, wind, and birds eating its seeds.  Positive and negative aspects of its life.  And look, it is still beautiful in all aspects.

So, lets practice cherishing the good and bad in all for it is a gift, and equally cherish the negative for it is an opportunity to learn compassion for each and every one of us. Oh by the way, that DOES include our self.

Enjoy the journey and the day . . .


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