The “L” Guideline to Living a Balanced Life

Personal Habits that Foster Balance
(Mind, Body, Emotional, Spirit)

Learning is a life-long task.  Constantly being open to new experiences and learning new things helps keep us young at heart and our human ego at bay.  We never truly know everything.  Life is in a constant state of fluid movement and learning is part of that movement as well.

Labor is being able to work in a field and/or have hobbies an individual loves to do.  Things that bring meaning to life.  Even if an individual works a paying job that is mundane, participating in hobbies brings great joy, big smiles, and love into life – hobbies become a labor of self-love.

Love is the ability to give, recognize, and receive love.  Loving self is the hardest.  The ability to love or even recognize love can only be accomplished by learning to love self.  With self-love, we build our ability to love and be loved as we become more grounded and positive. This gives us the energy and ability to begin shining our personal light toward others and draw love back to us.

Laughter is one of the best medicines out there.  Learning to laugh at yourself and with others is a gift that keeps on giving.  It lowers the blood pressure, makes you breathe much deeper (from the diaphragm), gets the circulation moving in the body, and calms the mind.

Letting go of things that cannot be controlled, in essence, gets rid of many negative thoughts that poison the mind.  Learning we do not have to worry about the “should’s” and “woulds” is a major step toward reducing stress levels in our mind and body.  That type of worrying is basically “future thinking”.  The only moment we truly have is this very moment – the future cannot be controlled – it doesn’t exist yet.

Begin each day by honoring your ability to learn with love, labor with love, love with love, laugh with love, and lovingly let go of things that no longer serve you.


The world really wants to see your smile.


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