Healing the Body & Spirit, Reflections

Composting the Past


“We must cultivate our own gardens”
Voltaire, Candide (1759)

The process of composting the past circles back to enrich our present.  It expands our perspective and makes us stronger and more confident.  It is a natural cycle of “growth”.  We humans will never be perfect – but we can become balanced.

If we examine life with the “big picture viewer” lens from a distance, everything becomes compost!  Sacred memories empower and enrich our lives long after they occur. Since dualism exists everywhere and within everything, remember our mistakes are also compost material! All those nasty old habits we’d like to break, maybe some old belief patterns we’ve probably outgrown, and all those harmful things we may have done are just a few examples of “compostable nasty things”.  In an effort to promote better spirituality and health, we need to practice composting our negative experiences rather than dwelling on them. So, ashes to ashes, dust to dust. Let’s try something.

It may seem simplistic, but it is the
simplest things that heal us the most.

This week think of something in your life you’d like to compost.

     ♥  An old habit you’d like to break,
     ♥  A negative experience that keeps nagging at you,
     ♥  Something you regret.

Write it down on an index card saying, for example, “I compost (Name the Negative occurrence).”  Then sign and date the card.

For the 30 days, look at the card each morning and say to yourself, OUT LOUD, (all spoken words have amazing power), “I compost _______________.”

It takes time to break old habits doesn’t it!  So be kind to yourself!  Whenever you feel yourself falling back into the old pattern, stop and tell yourself, “I’ve composted that.”

At the end of the month, take the card, tear it up, and actually bury the pieces in the ground somewhere, so you are physically adding your composted event to the soil.

Let Mother Earth and the Universe do the rest. 

Enjoy your composting . . . 


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