Natural Weathering

South Dakota 2007-09-15 00068

Am feeling in a reflective mood today and was wondering through some things I wrote in my journal when I visited the Badlands in South Dakota in 2007.   It was a healing journey; not that I knew that when I set out on my solitary adventure.  Here is an excerpt.

September 17th, 2007

I hiked the Door Trail early this morning and found the peace and solitude to be like rain in a desert to my soul.  It was easy to see the different stages of the natural weathering away process of the formations and I likened it to us humans as we age and evolve into something just as beautiful as the moment we were conceived – each stage is profound and gorgeous in its own way.  All is in a constant state of going somewhere else.  The sky holds some ominous storms clouds and the darkening colors change the mood and feeling of the formations and even deepen its character.

It is calming to watch several small Rock Wrens busily looking for food over the sparse vegetation.  Never stopping; always checking.  Busy busy busy but always sharing a beautiful song for all that listen.  Their life and constant search pulls me deep into the spirit of this land.  The harsh beauty of it all.

The wind; ah the wind.  My love of the wind is certainly being fed today as well.  I almost feel like I need to open my skin up somehow and let the wind clean my soul out – to refresh it – to feed it – to bring it back to life.  Then I need the rain to touch all of me while in this “open” state, to moisten the seeds of life and joy that have been waiting to germinate.  I have locked part of me up so tight that even the sun, wind, and rain cannot get to my soul to nourish me.  Now I choose to open myself to that moisture and germinate more of me.  Some of that moisture will come from tears, my tears, and some will come from my prayers to the Great Mystery for guidance.

I’m sitting up on my secret cliff by the cabin and write what I do, and see what I see, and feel what I feel.  The beauty around me is a panorama of the Creators Walk and Mother Earthy’s love and support.  The birds are singing, the blue of the Mountain Bluebirds is vivid and vibrant.  In the background is the dark harsh results of Mother Nature at her best – her creation of elements.  Like life, which has harsh beauty and powerful movements that change the landscape of one’s feelings and outlook on life. With every passing moment.

So I breathe it in and become one with it all.

Enjoy your day.


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