Courage is the antidote for fear, however, courage is not an inherent quality in us humans.  You cannot go to the store and purchase courage – it is developed with patience and practice.  Each time we use our courage, we stretch it a bit further and it becomes stronger.  I see courage as playing an intricate role in being able to change, especially in today’s crazy world.  Change can bring great risks, obstacles, resistance to fear as well as success, discomfort on many levels, and on top of all that, today’s standards of “excellence” are higher than ever.  Fear of failure is huge in today’s world – courage overcomes fear. So it seems spending time working on courage is more effective and healthy than getting pulled into the deep dark pit of fear.

Bottom line is this.  It takes an enormous amount of courage to write our own life scripts rather than simply follow the scripts written for us by others. Courage is what will give us the strength to choose our truth over what others want our truth to be.  Writing takes courage, speaking your truth takes courage, saying no takes courage.  But the rewards of courage are enormous.

So, one day at a time, let’s try living authentically by exercising our courage to help it grow even stronger. Just think how many people we could help in this universe with Courage as our guide.

Enjoy the day.


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