Healing the Body & Spirit, Reflections, Untempered Thoughts

Ghost Dreams


Each of us can relate to having a dream . . . a really big one . . . buried deep within our soul.  We may take that dream out to look at it often, at least in our mind, maybe turn it around a bit, examine its curves and surfaces, polish up a specific design facet, brush off some dust, we then tuck it back into the safe comfortable dream pocket in our soul. It goes everywhere with us during our life. It exists every moment of the day and may appear in vivid dreams. Sometimes, when the “valleys of our life” go way down in the low lands, we decide our Ghost Dream is incredibly crazy and we attempt to toss it away. Actually, we mentally DO toss it away. That Ghost Dream knows better than to let itself be thrown away because it is an intricate part of us. So, it stays right there in that comfortable dream pocket deep within our soul, hidden, until we begin to walk out of the low lands of life and head toward the summit of Ghost Dream Mountain.

One cannot walk up a flat mountain.  Mountains, by definition, have slopes that must be climbed.  Ghost Dreams probably live on top of those very high rocky mountains. To eventually savor our Ghost Dream being fulfilled and seen for the first time, we must feel the painful rewards of walking around obstacles on the path to the summit.  The realization of a Ghost Dream must be earned, not achieved.  There will be countless skinned knees and shattered illusions as we walk the path of earning each Ghost Dream.  Lessons must be learned as we climb.

I’ve been working on a major Ghost Dream for many years and find the closer I get to the summit, the harder it gets.  At any given moment, my Ghost Dream transforms into a puff of smoke and drifts away. I cry. I ask why. Then I think I’m broken and not worthy of my Ghost Dreams.  Thankfully, the safe comfortable dream pocket where my Ghost Dreams live just happens to be armed with Hope.  Hope blows my Fear Smoke away and I can see the Ghost Dream clearly again. I have done this over and over until I can no longer count the times Hope needed to blow the Fear Smoke away.

Control. That human thing we all do to so many things in our life, delays earning the Ghost Dream Moment.  Fear pours in when we lose “control”.  My control mind says, “I tried so hard to make it happen – but it didn’t happen.”  I slip into fear knowing for sure I’m broken and unworthy to earn a dream.  I’ve chosen to give up control of my Ghost Dreams.  Without my control, the Ghost Dreams unfold exactly as they should, at exactly the right moment in time.  So I breathe and send loving thoughts to my comfortable dream pocket in my soul and say, “Okay, any day is good.  I’ll be right here waiting.”

Ecstasy surrounds me as I earn each Ghost Dream and see those mountain summits way below me as I soar above them.  The feeling and image of each Ghost Dream fulfillment will always be a snapshot in time that I can replay many times over. Then the snapshot will be tucked away into the safe comfortable dream pocket of my soul, stamped “Earned”, and my next Ghost Dream begins.

To all with Ghost Dreams in your soul, breathe and let the dream guide you.


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