Healing the Body & Spirit, Reflections

Truth or Lies?


I believe we are given free will so we can discover the infinite power that lives within us. It is the source of our dreams, creativity, self-identity and what makes us each totally unique; one of a kind. By knowing we make our own choices, we can better understand we will always be our own keeper, our own healer, our own judge, and our own advocate. It helps us be authentic.

True happiness probably cannot exist if the things we believe in are different from the things we actually do. Growth does not come from pretending. Growth comes from having the guts to step out and use your own words; not the words of others.  The power and reach the spoken and written word has is beyond measure.  We all hear or read stories everyday in different media formats and intuitively we know those stories affect not only the author, but readers and listeners as well. The power of words impact everything and can never be taken back.

Then know lies do more damage than truth and seem to spread faster and further. If we all lived authentically, another words truthfully, would lying even be necessary?

Would you lie to avoid telling someone a truth that would hurt them? Would you still be authentic if you did?

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