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Essential “Heart to Heart” Book Release Article

Lake Tekapo, New ZealandArticle Appears March 15, 2015


Dr. Debbie Engelmann, NHD, owner of Created By Nature Wellness, LLC, is a featured author in “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, a book created by Älska Publishing and officially released worldwide February 26, 2015.  In her chapter, “Falling Into The Garden of Healing”, Debbie shares the details of her two-year fight to find her way back from the darkness of grief, deep depression, despair, and overwhelming anger following the devastating loss of both sisters, just five months apart.  She is one of 43 amazing authors, including the well-known creators of the bestselling book, “The Secret”, Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle, who also share their personal and inspirational true-life story of healing.

Every individual, at some point in time, has asked themselves, “How can I get through this? Why is this happening to me? Am I even strong enough to work through this?”  Questions you may be asking yourself daily or even every moment.  The good news is this; you already have the ability within you to have a life full of vibrant health and abundance.  The stories in this book will help jump-start your personal healing plan whether you’re facing an illness, nursing a broken heart, battling demons from the past, or simply wish to begin living a brighter and healthier life.

Debbie’s story shares her difficult and painful process of not only processing her grief, but how debilitating it was to finally lose control in order to heal.  Her chapter shares the following about the path she walked during her healing:

“During my healing process, I learned to focus completely on myself, began to cautiously face the truth of me, and slowly released myself from my self-imposed cage of fear. The time estimates of others regarding how long I should grieve were finally ignored. By allowing myself to lose control, I began to stop controlling not only myself, but others. I screamed, hit pillows, wrote pages and pages of memories, hatred, sadness, and unspeakable things and when I was finally spent, it was upon Mother Earth I fell to surrender my grief and pain.”

Patricia Jerde, Artist shares the following review:

“Debbie Engelmann’s chapter “Falling Into The Garden of Healing” so beautifully describes the process she had to go through to heal herself.  The path she found to that place of healing within herself is revealed with beautiful and powerful imagery.  That path has led her to the peace and strength she now uses to help others heal.  Knowing Debbie is a gift, and her story simply reinforces the wisdom she has found on her healing journey.  I am so thankful she has shared her path with us in this book, which invites all of us to start the voyage of our own healing.”

The message and magic in this book is deep. It stirs the soul, illuminates the path toward healing and shows the reader that anything is possible.

Order your copy today at  Save 10% by using coupon code SAVE10 at checkout.


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