“Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, a book in which I am a contributing author, contains the stories of 43 amazing authors who have each shared their personal and inspirational true-life story of healing.  I invite each of you, right now, to consider joining me in a campaign to get this book into the hands of the people who really need a gift of hopethe victims of domestic abuse.


Created By Nature Wellness, LLC, is making a matching book donation to a domestic abuse safe house/shelter in the Minneapolis/St. Paul area for each “Heart to Heart” book ordered. The minimum goal is 100 books. These books belong in the hands of the people who need “stories of hope” during their personally desperate times. Why is the book so important? Because everything in their life was lost or taken away from them when they had to flee to a safe place.Think of that for a moment – they HAD to find safety. It may have been a choice of life and death for them.


Please help get as many books as possible to the victims of domestic abuse.  If just one of the forty-three stories in the “Heart to Heart” book helps a single victim of domestic abuse, we helped someone realize there is enough hope to begin taking tiny steps on the path out of the horror.  We can help save a soul – possibly a life.

In addition, beginning today, Friday, March 13, 2015, Created By Nature Wellness, LLC, will also donate $1 for each “Heart to Heart:The Path to Wellness” book ordered to the domestic shelter. This will continue through April 13, 2015 – 30 days of focusing on helping someone who does not exist in the assumed everyday condition called “safety”. Simply click the picture on the left and you will be taken directly to the “Books By Debbie Engelmann” order site.  At checkout, enter the Discount Code “SAFETY” which will give YOU 15% off “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”.  My gift to you for helping someone in need.

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I invite everyone to email me with comments and/or thoughts on not only the book, but how it feels to be involved in helping others who need support and kindness in difficult situations.  Simply click “Contact Debbie” on the ordering site.

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