Healing the Body & Spirit, Reflections

Celestial Dualism

The intricate astrological meaning of the fall Equinox is beyond me let alone the recent Super Moon and Eclipse.  But the beauty and energy it brings simultaneously comforts, heals and challenges us.  I admit the picture attached is not of the best photographic quality, but for Minnesota at least it wasn’t snowing when I took it!

Gaze at the picture for a moment and notice the contrast of light and dark. Notice how the light has so much power it can shine through clouds.  Now, think how far away that moon is.  Amazing that we can see it with the human eye – what a gift.

It is a meditation of wonder and a study in dualism

So, part of the muse is this.  Why not entertain the possibility that for the moment, we don’t look ahead to winter, but rather choose to enjoy the deepening colors of fall, the coolness of the air, and the fact that the mosquitoes are gone!  Let’s immerse ourselves into each moment we experience. Not what is going to happen in ten minutes, next week or next month.

Dualism exists within and around us every moment.  There is and always will be light and dark, clouds and clear, bliss and depression. I say again, every moment of our life is governed by dualism. Thankfully, we have the ability to choose how to experience each one of our moments. We can consciously choose how to see, feel, and be. We can choose to walk the middle ground of dualism or we can choose to be on the dark or light side.  It doesn’t mean bad things don’t happen – it just means we choose whether to focus on the light or dark of everything.  

The past is behind us and the future, well, we don’t know what that holds or what form it will take.  So choose to enjoy of the beauty of this moment . . . it is all we truly possess.


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