Empowerment, Healing the Body & Spirit, Reflections


In the face of uncertainty, believe two things:

. . . you are stronger than you think, and

. . . you not alone.

~ BECAUSE we can choose to call “an issue” a challenge rather than a crisis;

~ BECAUSE we can look at hardship as an opportunity instead of an obstacle;

~ BECAUSE at the end of an issue, we can ask “what did I learn from this”;

~ BECAUSE we can take a deep breath and do the difficult things first;

BECAUSE we can choose to know that the most significant elements of our day is laughter, compassion, learning, and applying our finest efforts to each endeavor.

~ BECAUSE OF THESE THINGS, each morning is the beginning of a day filled with unlimited possibilities.

But Mostly it is BECAUSE . . . 
“Uncertainty only exists in my mind.”  

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