Prologue of a Chrysalis

Today, I feel like yet again I’m being reborn; this time from a chrysalis of my own creation. This birth chamber has been nourished by my life experience of creating many mental, emotional, physical, spiritual and soul “cocoons” of well-being for myself and others.  Each of us change moment-to-moment and continually reflect the truth that lies within us – in whatever form it takes – regardless of being good, bad, or ugly.

We each transform into creative, diverse, multi-dimensional forms of human art that contain the bits and pieces of each moment we have lived, every person we have encountered, everything we have read, heard, thought about, dreamt about, hated, or loved.  The sacred-witness of our life as it develops and changes is our chrysalis.  This is where the quiet knowings and introspection within our soul are nursed and nurtured to fine tune the lens we use to look upon the world – from that place within our strength and power.  This is the place we find our balance and ability to present our own unique passion to the world.

We are the weavers of our web of life – from cocoon to butterfly.


When we take flight, the cocoon that housed us will crumble and fall to the ground, but the ingredients that formed the chrysalis cannot be destroyed.   It lives on, morphing into bigger and better things; it never detracts – it illuminates that which lives within.  


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