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The Spirit of the Soul

Our core soul and spiritual self are completely inseparable from the rest of body, and within them a vibrant radiating, receptive presence exists that is completely unique to you alone – a creative and compassionate intelligence that defies all forms of description.  In the English language we refer to this as “consciousness”; in the psychological sense it is referred to as “spirit”.  Both are the animating forces within all things and both transcend the narrow confines of our personal identity.  It goes beyond the logical mind and leaps across the boundaries of Earth and reaches far into the Universe.

The spiritual journey toward balance begins with opening your heart to a sincere wish or prayer to renew the spiritual vitality of your life. Remember you already have what you are looking for within you.  The spiritual path is one of remembering the true depth of your wholeness.  It is not about deserving, earning, or acquiring something you don’t already have. You cannot be separate from the wholeness you truly are.

When searching for balance through spiritual pursuits, keep your eyes open and your discerning wisdom keen – there are teachers and traditions that are rare and precious beyond belief.   Do not believe everything you hear – do not believe in traditions simply because they have been handed down for generations. Always check with your heart, your intuition to ensure you draw exactly who your spirit needs.



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