Seasons of Self

Some individuals create great change that can easily be seen while others quietly teach us things that appear to be completely hidden until we reflect upon the incredible impact they have had on our life. Positive or negative. Negative cannot exist without positive and visa-versa – they are intricate parts of each other.

Photo Credit to LDW

Photo Credit to LDW

I was pondering this late fall sunflower photograph from a nearby garden. It is covered with the battle-scars and blemishes of its entire life as well as all its beauty and strength. I can relate! Its life (my life) began as a simple seed nourished by the sun and rain (nature & love) – and thunderstorms (violence), droughts (withdrawing into the dark), bugs (not being heard), wind (very stimulating), and birds (judgement) eating its seeds (essence).  Positive and negative aspects of its life. Yet, this sunflower is still beautiful in every way as it continues to live its purpose within the form of collaboration. The earth supported it’s life for a season and now the plant itself will nourish the earth as compost plant matter. Again, collaboration.

Cherish the good and bad in all for they are both gifts; equally cherish the negative and difficult for they are our opportunities, lessons, and teaching gifts for us to learn compassion and go beyond the confines and boundaries of our out-dated damaging beliefs we hold inside.

Time to turn life into one beautiful outrageous creative work of art with a strong flavoring of introspection upon the fact that we can weather all seasons of life, maybe not with grace, but always with a flair that is authentically ours.


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