Journaling Is Like a Meditation

48951701_sJackie Holder put together a delightful sharing on the incredible power personal journaling has on healing “the self” on many levels.  It isn’t a long read, but it is powerful.

If you are not a journaling person, this article may entice you to try this splendid form of personal meditation as a way to share the truth of yourself – with yourself. If you are already a journaling person, it will serve as a reminder of why you love it so much.



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The things I write come from the many mysterious musing that roll around in my head regarding the strange naturally occurring dichotomies of life. If you look closely, strange situations and occurrences have two parts and most of the time those two parts are mutually exclusive of each other and/or completely contradictory. "We're all vulnerable. Mix the wrong feelings together, the right kind of bad with the wrong kind of good, and you'll wind up with a total breakdown."

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