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Chocolate Hugs

All chocolate lovers have experienced the incredible orchestra of flavors that explode when eating a truffle.  To honor this work of art and instrument of pleasure, it must be allowed to dissolve in the mouth very slowly – eyes closed while keeping the external world completely shut out.  Only the sensuous flavors mixing and mingling together are worthy of any conscious involvement.

The subtle changes in the taste of the chocolate melting in your mouth is always quite exquisite, but a las, when it is gone, I do believe the senses miss the chocolate more than the mouth does.  It feels like it became a memory so abruptly . . . but it did become a damn good memory.


A thought, dear readers.  What would happen if we chose to experience other aspects of our daily life with such deep, thoughtful inner reflection?  What if the hug we give our children tonight when we send them off to bed or as they rush out the door tomorrow, was experienced not only as a habit it tends to become, but with every squeeze of that child, pet, spouse, or friend, we hugged with all our senses and loved with our whole being? What if we allowed ourselves to feel the warmness, the heart-connection, and sense of being loved for a least one second longer before we plunge right back down into “feeling alone in the world.”

It is almost Valentines Day.  Go eat chocolate if you like it, or if you don’t, eat Creamed Herring, Creme Brulé – anything that is a treat to you. Then go out of your way to give someone a hug – REALLY HUG THEM.

Now, for possibly the first time of your life, hug yourself with every ounce of love you have.

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