Circular Synchronicity

Nature’s truism is within a circle all points are equal. Even the cycles of nature are circular; there are seasons, days and nights, life and inevitable death. Moving through life with circular graceful consciousness births empowerment.


We humans love to push things. When we push against the circle, we begin to “think” circle, or “think” flow. This “I need to control and understand” action makes the circle linear with a beginning and an end.  It distorts the natural flow of life.

Moments are like perfect circles. When we consciously pause within a moment, no point has a better vantage point of clarity then another.  Each moment is perfect.  Each moment is a prequel to what follows.

Surrender. Let things go-just flow. To try to hold any point makes us linear.

Within the circle lives the beginning, the end, and everything in between.

Be full of perfect synchronicity.


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