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Fighting the Past to be Present

More than likely every individual reading this post remembers a moment in time when they were close to accomplishing a goal or dream and SOMETHING happened . . . AGAIN . . . to stop their momentum. Of course the universal proverbial “oops” promise caused the stumble.  It isn’t easy to bring passion to fruition – to fight for that last step upon the summit.  I’m struggling lately as I move along my “Wading Into Wild Water” transformation process that I’ve been sharing.

Vainly, my impression of progress was it was “pretty damn good”.  Seems my measurement tool is evidently not calibrated correctly.  I am touching very deep fears and memories that have completely caught me by surprise, especially with the forceful vortex of emotion, blaming, self-pity, self-judgement and darn right nasty anger that no one appears to be safe from – especially me. We are all covered with layers of “soul” and this layer would have been too big of a challenge for even the Ghostbusters to beat.

Thankfully, I have great people in my corner and today I chatted with one.  This individual kindly shared these simply beautiful  facts.

Take them to heart dear readers – their value is beyond measure.


Present Time

Now, I seek to be in present time and break the bondage of my past.

I release the others I may have held too tightly; binding them with my own plans.

May I be in each moment completely and let it be done as I am born into the next one.

The only breath I breathe is the breathe of now.
I cannot breathe the next one.
I cannot breathe the last one.
I breathe the breath of now and so I live.

May each moment be a universe, and I, an explorer within it.


May I learn to smile with myself when I fall into a hole and cry “why me”!

May I see beauty large or small, in the worst of times, and disbelieve my refrain “its not fair”!

May I learn how to let go and release myself from the poison of self-pity.
May I learn to laugh at its absurdity until it dries up and turns to dust.

May I walk away, NO RUN AWAY from this self-made prison,
unbinding myself and others from my pain.

Free of my prison,
may I nourish what is healthy within me by growing
my kindness, compassion and forgiveness.

I then can open my arms, my heart and my soul and receive the wonders of life.


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