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Perfection Exists in Transformative Typos

It is important to maneuver through life with a playful sense of humor and lightness in your heart. While this ideal may seem simplistic, it is an extremely important practice to attempt to master. During one of my morning meditations, an intriguing rhyme began weaving and wrapping itself around in my mindless mindfulness.

I feel it is important to share this crazy rhyme/poem on “The Evolutionary Mind” blog because in reality, the minor things we do not see appear to be the most powerful transformative messages we receive. This sharing is in the form of a poem  (I’m not a poet as you will notice – just a happy nutcase).

29978098_s“Bet a typo I have made is out there somewhere,
And if you point that out it rocks.

Ya need to know I can’t think within a square,
I always find my way out of a four-walled box.

So, for today dear world, let’s let typos happen everywhere,
And show the universe creating transformative typos doesn’t make you square.”

I asked a mentor of mine, Jazz Rosool, a question on Facebook a moment ago – “Does perfection exist”.  His answer, “Only in questions like that”.  He then added, “What is existence? What is perfection? What is the difference between doing, being and what you truly are?  WOW.

I invite you to enjoy a video interview of Jazz Rosool – then you’ll get why “typos” of all types can be transformative.

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