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The Addition of Addiction

NuggetsThe above video is brilliant.  It is a concise, simple, wordless presentation showing how slowly addictions develop and the devastation they eventually cause.  ALL types of addictions – ranging from caffeine, sugar, tobacco, pot or cocaine.

In my opinion, the “addiction message” goes way beyond the addictions listed above. Our modern hectic world has us cultivating addictions we wouldn’t even think are addictive . . . negativity, sensationalism, constantly being available on cell-phones and social media, adult coloring-books, and emotional additions such as victimhood, prejudice, judgement and anger. The list could be absolutely endless because we are always “ON”.

This five-minute watch is a must watch. It applies to everything we repeatedly do.

How can it help?  Oh gosh, what is that saying?  Oh, I remember, “It may help you get your head out of your a_ _ ?”

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