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Soul Cutter

truth-1123020_1920Have you ever felt like you’re a “soul cutter”?  Cutting down to the very core of your soul?  Not cutting the physical self; cutting the soul. We ALL do it and we can ALL stop doing it.

I’ve asked myself many times why I make up such stories about how awful I am, and sometimes myself answers back with even crazier crap that makes me want to cut deeper. Sure, my childhood was full of crap – like lots of people. I did my painful recovery work, moved step-by-step through my history, took it all out, examined it, deciphered what I learned from it, and threw the chaff away. Seems I threw the memories away but forgot to finish telling my soul and my “victim” tapes sometimes replay.

Maybe that’s the point of this soul-cutting post. Our souls want us to get back to the beginning so we can see and understand our “self-deprecation” is not from OUR soul. It’s simply stuck in our body. The soul wants us to give those memories back to the perpetrator as what it is – a memory. They left their energy in us and that means less of OUR SOUL is present within us. Bad wording – we CHOSE to keep their energy in us and we can CHOOSE to let it go.

When I practice soul-love rather than soul-cutting, I recover more of MY SOUL ENERGY by NOT focusing on THEIR SOUL ENERGY (sometimes known as our “stories”) left within me. Right? This the cure folks. Send it back to where it came from! We don’t need to be a storage compartment for other people’s crude.

Releasing is unique for each person. Find your personal way. Try visualizing yourself handing it back to the person as a glowing globe of energy-simply hand it to them and walk away. Sometimes it may need to be visualized multiple times. In my experience, after I’d given it back again and again, it hits me that I hadn’t even thought about it for months. Unexpectedly and without notice, I had completely released it. No bells and whistles – no fireworks. I simply filled the newly emptied space with more of me.

To all you readers who resonate with being a soul-cutter, start taking your soul back. Screw the memories; RETURN TO SENDER with no return address.


“Be Yourself, Everyone Else is Already Taken”

~ Oscar Wilde

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