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What the Heck is Empowerment?

“Empowerment” is an ideal shared by many disciplines and arenas around the world. It is relevant to development, psychology, education, economics, and social movements and organizations. Specifically, “to empower” means to give or delegate power or authority which means “to enable or permit”. In our society, there is a strong tendency to give “empowerment” away to another person rather than use it to live a healthy life. The essence of self-empowerment means to take personal responsibility in retaining complete control and accountability for one’s own life and circumstances.

Conscious Healing IS Empowerment

Conscious healing and empowerment tends to bring all aspects of the human form into balance and begin moving through life with a healthy body, honest emotions, a clear mind and free-flowing spirit, as well as an authentic soul. Exercise, quiet-time, meditation, nutrition, and sleep are just a few elements of physical health that have a huge impact on our physical, emotional and mental well-being.  As we step away from the memories of our life stories and discontinue seeing ourselves as a victim, we consciously choose to allow ourselves to authentically heal on all levels. That is the goal – to learn how to heal by empowering ourselves through gentle self-discovery.

acrylic-1323646_1920The Empowerment Construct

The main “construct” and motivating healing principle at “A Well-Tuned Soul” as well as other natural healing facilities, is the core tool called “empowerment”.  Empowerment programs play a vital role in healing – in fact, it is THE vital piece of healing that motivates and helps people release their fears and eventually heal. The guide, which is my role in helping others heal, is simply a catalyst in supplying lots of fodder or wood to keep the “healing fires” stoked up high enough and long enough to help individuals move toward healing.

Are your ready to HEAL?  To become WHOLE?

If you are, know this: empowered healing requires Self love, Self Respect, Self-Care and a strong sense of Self Worth.  It cannot be found in anyone other THEN YOU.

If you do the work, you will change the world.


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