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A Prayer for All Beings

We ask for the healing of planet Earth. May all beings, animals, plants, land and waters flourish and be nurtured. May all live their lives fully and completely, and add to life even in death. May they die in their own time, complete and safe from harm.

We ask for all humans to live in their purpose and be healers. May we nourish the earth and all her creatures, including ourselves.

May we become filled with the essence of life, sharing it generously with joy. May we weave a tapestry of connection every moment. Let that tapestry help heal what is broken, strengthening the threads of life.

befall-the-earth-quote-1460570_1920We pray for this for the Earth. We pray for this for all beings. We pray for this for our own selves. We pray that every one of us weaves our body and our soul together, creating our lives with spirit and heart.

May our prayers flow around the world joining the prayers of all beings who also pray for the success of life and beauty. May the strength of all of our prayers be multiplied, and together, bless the life of all.

© Renee Marshall Brown

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