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Balance – Tumbling By Design

The universe is exceedingly playful and responsive to our needs. In fact, walking through life is similar to walking a tightrope stretched across the entire vastness of space. This could be by design or an attempt to help us to remember to live in balance. Especially in those difficult areas of life.

Some days demand our tightrope be ten feet wide with hand rails to protect us.  When we develop higher levels of “balancing” skills, we gain more confidence to maneuver through the difficult times and find the tightrope is much narrower yet easy to walk. Ideally, the tightrope is just wide enough to keep us in the upper end of the learning zone rather than moving off into danger.

Here are a few thoughts about balance to keep in mind.

  • fork-1431302_1920There are two stages of “being”. One is walking the tightrope while staying balanced on the tightrope. The other state is tumbling. Tumbling is mindless, fearful, and layered with feelings of losing control. We either walk mindful balanced on the rope or we are to some degree beginning to tumble.
  • The dichotomy is that it is the exact moment you being to tumble that you automatically shift and move back toward balance. You will eventually land right back on the rope. People trying to learn this point will continue to tumble and as they do, they begin to stress out about being distressed. Or, they become more anxious when they notice they are anxious. This leads to becoming dangerously out of balance and out of control. Choose to go with the flow – you are safe.
  • The more you struggle to stay in control and in balance, the less you are. Oh gosh, a personal favorite of mine! Still working it! Understand real control and balance emerges from a state of naturalness. With practice it begins to happen without thought – it becomes natural.
  • The goal is to know how you feel when you are balanced as clearly as you feel when you begin to tumble. That is the real task – learning the deeper balance. Having the presence of mind to recognize when you are in balance and when you are not.

Balance is about learning, not about perfection. The key is not to tumble more when you have tumbled or get mindless about feeling mindless. With practice, each movement becomes one of joy, wonder, discovery, and creative expression.  Choose not to fret about failings-if you do you can’t correct them.

Balance gives us the gift of a calm and peaceful mind. Enjoy the tumbling.

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