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Personal Truth Vs. Judgement

As the national elections draw closer, I’d like to share something. Personally, I’m quite tired of all the verbal word slinging judgement jabber that is suffocating this country – actually the entire world. It’s time to make room for something different.

Let’s move forward rather than backwards. Make a choice to begin expanding the personal truth that lives within you. To attain a level of truth that is unique only to you involves the use of my favorite “f” word –forgiveness.


In fact, you may personally feel the situation is very wrong. The point is when we release judgement, hatred and personal expectations about someone else’s choices, we release the negative energy eagerly festering within. If we don’t, this thick dark negative crude turns us into a grumpy, nasty, vindictive person. This mentality has overtaken humanity to a dangerous level.

Grudges, keeping score, hopelessness and depression are all symptoms of the inability to forgive. We cannot hold another person hostage with a personal expectation of having them change just for us. We tend to hide behind our parents because we feel they did not love us the way they should have. We badmouth the boss we believe never saw our potential. We never allow ourselves to forget the relationship that didn’t give us just what we wanted. These are examples of “judgement” and they create major log-jams that become lodged deep within our hearts. It lowers our self-worth. We don’t trust. It makes us hate anything that is not what we believe.


let-go-594531_1280Don’t forgive someone who mistreated you simply to force them to change. They might not change and that is not genuine forgiveness anyway. Nor should you forgive yourself because someone else expects it. It may not be your right timing and timing cannot be forced. Correct timing is felt in the heart.

Forgiving means letting go from the heart with no strings attached. You simply cut the trappings of hated and judgment and let them die. Now is the time to practice this type of forgiveness worldwide, between races of people, within families and the personal truth that exists within us all. Forgiveness is a form of death – it always precipitates re-birth.

Learn what it feels like to live without resistance. Have the courage to forgive something big. Walk to the polls holding your own personal truth deep in your heart and not judge or care how the person next to you votes. Live your truth – not theirs.

There is a saying, “true charity comes from sharing the love in your heart with someone else”.  Let’s practice giving charity to “self” and let go of the upheaval of our inner and outer worlds due to self-judgement.

In reality, everything is simply what it is. How we see reality comes from our own personal truth.  Do you know yours?

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