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A Backward View of Forward

Margi Flint, a western herbal practitioner, shared this statement in one of her books . . .

“people will be drawn to us for the unique gifts we have created from our own life experiences”.

Every life experience is interpreted on an emotional and logical level – and re-thought over-and-over again. Experiences may present themselves as a day full of gentle breezes and blue skies or F5 level tornadoes coupled with 7.5 scale earthquakes. Either way, both impact the mind, heart, body and soul with equal force.

The key factor about experiences is what we choose to learn from them. It’s okay to see them as good or bad; helpful or not. Both are necessary for personal expansion and growth and each type of experience cannot exist without the other. It is much easier on the soul to not judge an experience, but rather simply view everything from a neutral position.

new-years-day-1927663_1920Maybe you would like to do a bucket list for 2017.  Or identify a special theme for 2017?  What do you want to see, discover, explore?  Are there skills you would like to learn, improve or master?  Is there a personal quality about yourself you would like to develop or strengthen. How about habits – what would you like to change, cultivate or get rid of?

When we look backwards, we change the future with our choice of interpretation. While looking over your personal 2016 experiences, pick out those beautiful gems of deep learning. Mix them up – the beautiful ones that made your heart sing with the ones that still deeply sting your heart. All have an immense amount of healing power that allows personal expansion and growth – especially as you step into this brand new year that has just been born.

font-954949_1920Each moment of searching births a moment of finding. Consider spending some of this first day of 2017 in reflection and non-judgement of where you think you are in life. Take a few moments to sit down and feel a sense of completion for 2016 and allow yourself to feel a deep awareness of the possibilities in this brand new year.

Today, start your journey of finding your deepest heart’s desire – your health and wellness depends on it. Oh, by the way, never stop having doubts. When you do, it will be because you’ve stopped moving forward.

Wishing each of you a wonderful year of enlightenment and growth.


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