Ghost Dream Mountain

33712484_mlEveryone can relate to having a dream – a really big one buried deep within their soul. In your mind, you may take it out to look at it, turn it around a bit, examine its curves and surfaces, polish up a specific design facet, brush off some dust, and then tuck it back into the safe comfortable dream pocket in your soul. It goes everywhere with you. It exists every moment of every day.

Occasionally, your unrealized Ghost Dream may re-appear as a vivid dream. When the “ups and downs of life” happen to take a nose dive into the low lands, you may decide your Ghost Dream is incredibly crazy and you consciously toss it away – at least you think you did. Ghost Dreams know better than to let themselves be thrown away – all dreams are an intricate part of self. They stay put in their comfortable dream pocket deep within your soul, hidden, until you walk out of the low lands of morose and depression and head toward the summit of what I call Ghost Dream Mountain”.

One cannot walk up a flat mountain. Mountains, by definition have slopes to be climbed and Ghost Dreams seem to live at the very top of dangerously rocky mountain tops. To bring a Ghost Dream to fruition and be able to savor the emotional bliss of seeing it become reality for the very first time, each and every painful step taken around all those obstacles on the mountain path toward the summit must be felt.

Realizing a Ghost Dream can only be earned – not achieved. There will be countless skinned knees and shattered illusions along the path of earning a Ghost Dream. The lessons will cling to the soul like heavy wet clothes because at any given moment, your Ghost Dream may suddenly turn into a puff of smoke and drift away. Anger and tears may come. You may slip off the mountain path. You will hurt.

Control, that thing we humans do countless times a second, delays the earning of a Ghost Dream. The control mind says, “I tried so hard to make it happen – but damn it, it didn’t. WHY?” We slip into fear knowing how broken and unworthy we must be because we controlled rather than allowed. The best method of achieving a Ghost Dream is to give up control and allow them to unfold exactly as they should – to be birthed at the correct time. Simply send loving thoughts to that comfortable dream pocket in your soul and say, “Okay, any day is good.  I’ll be right here waiting.”

Thankfully, the safe comfortable dream pocket where Ghost Dreams are kept just happen to be lined with Hope. Hope blows away all fear so your dream can clearly be seen. When each Ghost Dream is earned, those mountain summits you climbed will be far below as you begin to soar. The feelings and images of your Ghost Dream blasting into reality will forever be an amazing snapshot in time felt in your heart and soul. Tuck that snapshot away, stamp it “Earned”, and begin making your next Ghost Dream a reality.

Maybe the simply message really is that all of us with Ghost Dreams deep within our soul should simply let our dreams guide us.



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