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The Midst of Devastation

During these times of devastating threats and events

Many people across this planet are living in dangerous life-threatening situations. Each second of their life has them wondering if they will persevere or perish. They, and their loved ones, are suffering beyond belief.

As each of us moves through our day, remember we are all connected – some folks we know, most we don’t. Choose to consciously generate a bright field of love, blessings and healing to all who share this world with us. Please help and inspire all those in need in whatever form suits you. Contribute financially, send food, volunteer to help in some way, but above all, send loving thoughts to the millions of people who no longer have a house to protect them.

You can do this while waiting at a stoplight, waiting for a train, or while waiting for your cell phone to turn on – just do it. There are lots of folks out there barely clinging to life – they need your love and support during these times.

Someday, it could be you in the same situation.


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