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Birthing A Magical Idea

Each of us have “ah ha” magical ideas pop into our minds. Simultaneous with each thought, an incubation process begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about that new idea. The magical idea birthing process, as exhilarating as it feels at the beginning, isn’t the easiest thing to fully accomplish. One can easily flip into indecision and experience “creative constipation”. Below are some ways to “unstick the stuck” and release the creative miracle within you.

Avoid Comparisons

It is normal to quickly dash to the computer, get on the internet and search the topic of your “magical idea”. Be aware the mind has a sneaky tendency to automatically compare similar ideas to yours. This can lead to thoughts of worthlessness and assumptions that other people’s ideas are much better so why try.  STOP THAT THOUGHT! Your contribution IS valuable. The world needs your ideas. Be disciplined, be brave and patiently create what your radiant soul is telling you without self-judgement.

Stay Focused and Relaxed

Ernest Hemingway generally wrote each chapter of a book in one sitting regardless of how long it took him. When he was done, he returned home, had a glass of wine, and forced all memory of the chapter out of his mind. He completely avoided thinking about what he had written. One or two weeks later, he would return to the chapter to review and modify it. His purpose was to always allow the subconscious mind time to work the kinks out. He felt his conscious mind interfered too much and ultimately diluted his writing. This exact principle is applicable to birthing a miracle idea. You cannot do it in an hour, or a day. Respect the timing of your creation – don’t rush.

Simple is the Truest Way

Keep it simple. Don’t jump straight to how the finished product will look – allow its development to flow naturally. You will get emotional – simply feel it and release it. Fine tune your creation and take a walk with it – see it from a far-away place and let it talk to you. Believe what you are creating is amazing – because it is. Know your idea will reach all people of the world. Stay off the internet – create from within yourself!

Remember, you can move mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.  A new dawn is rising – wake up to its beauty.

3 thoughts on “Birthing A Magical Idea”

  1. This is wonderful! I’m going through some final edits of my book before I submit it to a few literary agents who requested it at the writer’s conference I attended last weekend. I really needed to read this. The creative process takes patience. The finished product can be astonishing and worth the wait if we trust in the process.

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