Ramping-up for Challenging Changes

You may notice “personal life changes” have been occurring faster than they can be processed and impossible to predict. One change stacks on top of another to the point where the whole “world” is beginning to look foreign.

José Stevens of “The Power Path”, shared this in something he recently wrote:

“If you are resistant to change, you will tend to suffer. Why? Because resistance is based on fear and fear is what feeds your fear patterns (self-destruction=greed, self-deprecation=arrogance, martyrdom=impatience and stubbornness). Your fear pattern or obstacle is what shifts you into the negative poles of your personality traits. When you and everyone around you is being run by fear patterns, your world becomes unpleasant indeed. So, when change accelerates, stress accelerates, and when stress accelerates the fear patterns take advantage because fear is their food. Therefore, you have an excellent opportunity to see what runs you in times of change. You can see your fears blatantly for what they are. You can also choose to override them”.

© All rights reserved. http://www.thepowerpath.com

We each have our favorite ways of assimilating fear to help stay present, whether it be meditation practices, sitting in stillness, exercising, getting out in nature – the list is endless. Choosing to see beauty from the heart can be very helpful. Telling the truth frees up energy.  Clearing childhood emotional baggage is extremely beneficial to opening the heart and being present.

Bottom line – it’s up to you. You can decide to make room for your personal power/essence to direct “your” life or allow your fear-based false personality to steer life’s course.

It’s time to choose.



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