Illusional Strangleholds

Stranglehold 1:
Living life by responding to everything on auto-pilot rather than from the heart.

Stranglehold 2:
Making rushed assumptions based on damage caused by unreleased emotional life stories.

Outcome of 1 & 2:
Asphyxiation of mind, body & soul.

1.  Don’t listen to the bully brain, listen to your heart.
2.  Let the memories and stories go.
3.  Advocate for yourself – don’t be a victim.
4.  Fill your mind with love, curiosity and wonder.
5.  Be your own kind of beautiful.



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Humanity is an ever-changing memorial full of unique bits and pieces of each of us that tells all sides of our life story whether it be of hated and love, failures and victories, or amazing acts of  courage. Those who repeatedly fall yet courageously pick themselves up, consciously chose to risk knowing their deepest truths in order to heal and "Step Into Self".

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