Time To Rise Book

Dr. Andrea Pennington has created space for a new international compilation book project entitled “Time to Rise” which will debut by the end of  December 2017. I have the honor of authoring one of the chapters in this amazing book.  More information and updates coming soon!

Update on “Time to Rise” Book

Things are moving along nicely and it appears the book will be coming out by the end of December.  The cover of the book is still a mystery to even us authors which is quite lovely actually. It has a build-up quality similar to unwrapping a Christmas present.  The chapter I authored is entitled “Playing Dead to Stay Alive Made Me “Sassy”. It’s about the lessons we learn as we experience life and the choices me make. Oh, and how to heal from our bad choices as well.  You’ll need to wait for the book to read more about that.

More updates coming soon!

Dr. Deb

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Humanity is an ever-changing memorial full of unique bits and pieces of each of us that tells all sides of our life story whether it be of hated and love, failures and victories, or amazing acts of  courage. Those who repeatedly fall yet courageously pick themselves up, consciously chose to risk knowing their deepest truths in order to heal and "Step Into Self".

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