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A Feline Warrior

Am about finished with a new book entitled “KahnE – A Feline Warrior”.  It’s a powerful parable about an amazing cat that was dropped off at my home in the dead of winter 5 years ago. She demands to be allowed to live her life as a feral cat; free, wild and true to her nature. The Law of Attraction seems to be her constant guide because she gets exactly what she wants all the time. Well, there was one time where I interfered against her wishes but the outcome was positively life-changing. You’ll have to wait for the book to read about that.

She lives as we all should – true to her passion within while choosing not to give a damn about what others think.  It’s a must read if you have dreams of living your own life as a warrior because if this 5 pound cat can survive -16 degree weather year-after-year and still roll around and smile at the sun no matter what, you can.

I’ll keep everyone posted – hope to have it out quite soon!!


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