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When a Child is Born

A child is free to move around their world completely uninhibited by opinions and judgments. They are born with kindness, innocence and trust because they receive everything with limitless love and acceptance cradled deep within their heart and soul. Every child truly is the center of this great big universe because they view the world around them with eyes wide open and hearts full of wonder – things are always new and never avoided because nothing is feared. Life simply gives itself to the child.

My “kindness wish” is that all of humanity begins to remember how to practice allowing the heart to become the kind trusting heart of a child. Trust and kindness are both values and convictions that do not falter when practiced honestly.

Enjoy the simplicity of seeing the world with “childish wonder” and sense the freedom it brings to your heart and soul. Trust knows truth; kindness knows the state of grace.  It’s as simple and uncomplicated as that.

Dr. Deb

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