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Excerpt from “Risking Truth”

There was a moment in time when the world shifted and shuddered as if blasted by a robust icy wind from within its super-heated core; quite a defiant act of nature to say the very least. The trees, plants, animals, insects, and humans going about their daily business and barely paused or felt the micro-second tremble. No one consciously questioned the Earth’s wobble nor were they aware of the imminent change that was about to begin.

Was it a good omen or something horrible? Would it save humanity or would it destroy it? Most importantly, was it based on truth or was it imagined by the masses.

I, being a child of nature and all within it, thought it was marvelous. I giggled and smiled as I felt a sense of awe of what was to come. For some, it might be the beginning of a fast train ride to their version of hell. To others, it would open a curtain to the phenomenal new world hidden behind it. A new world full of the magic of life tightly cloaked within quiet darkness for millions of years. This event was to be an awakening of majestic magnitude.

What’s this all about? Stay tuned – more coming soon.

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