Drops of Ink

In Lewis Carroll’s book Alice in Wonderland, the Cheshire Cat said; “imagination is the only weapon in the war against reality”. Quite possibly, what we think we see and experience each moment is full of imagined illusions. My writings share stories of hope peppered with crazy thinking along with the “how to’s”, “why for’s” and pitfalls that happen along the way.

For me, writing and working with people in my practice is similar to being submerged in a living playground of trial and error stories that turn the malignancy of hatred into love and morph failures into victories while continually using passion and courage to drive change. I tend to think out of the box – obviously.

My natural healing practice can be found at Your Well-Tuned Soul, which focuses on helping adult victims of trauma and assault such as First Responders, Victims of Physical Abuse and Caretakers of Abuse.

My mission in life is to use blogging, writing, education and speaking to reach out to those who suffer from endless feelings of being lost, alone, invisible and forgotten. I do have a ‘titch of education to back up my writing – Doctoral Degrees in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy (TND), a Bachelor’s of Science in business with a minor in psychology to name a few.  I’m an educator, speaker, and I’ll always be a student of life.

Dr. Deb

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