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Excerpt from “Risking Truth”

There was a moment in time when the world shifted and shuddered as if blasted by a robust icy wind from within its super-heated core; quite a defiant act of nature to say the very least. The trees, plants, animals, insects, and humans going about their daily business and barely paused or felt the micro-second… Continue reading Excerpt from “Risking Truth”

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When a Child is Born

A child is free to move around their world completely uninhibited by opinions and judgments. They are born with kindness, innocence and trust because they receive everything with limitless love and acceptance cradled deep within their heart and soul. Every child truly is the center of this great big universe because they view the world around… Continue reading When a Child is Born

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Look Into the Sun

Look into the sun as the new days rise There's a rhythm in a rush these days. Where the lights don't move and the colors don't fade. Leaves you empty with nothing but dreams. In a world gone shallow In a world gone lean. But there is a truth, and it's on our side. Dawn… Continue reading Look Into the Sun