“Silencing Echoes” Coming Soon

  “Silencing Echoes”, which was the original name of my personal healing memoir, takes a look at the various ways we attempt to silence our painful echoes from the past, frequent with damaging effects on our health and spirituality as well as those around us. This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my… Read More

I Am The Memory Keeper

Longing, loss, lost and grief. Some of the hardest things to work with and I’m not talking about just the death of “a person” – it can be the death of a routine, a recipe you lost from your great-great-grandmother, a job opportunity you thought you had in the bag, or you just found out… Read More

Writing with Passion – Healing with Purpose

Some of you may not know I am a writer and a Doctor of Natural Health.  I share that information to set the stage as you begin to read the words that follow.  I have struggled for some time on how to blend both “parts” of me together, and today, I discovered that I no longer need… Read More

Published Prose

  A prose I penned, “The Freedom to Embrace the Moment” was published on the Rebelle Society On-Line Magazine today. Here is the link – or simply click the picture! http://www.rebellesociety.com/2015/08/12/the-freedom-to-embrace-the-moment/  

Kicking Ash

  It has been said that “firewood is not the fire”. Let’s think that through for a moment. Assuming this example is correct, firewood is the “fuel” to fire’s needs.  Firewood would still be firewood without the fire and remains so until fire uses it.  When fire uses the firewood to fuel itself, it morphs… Read More

Singsong Style

Today I’m writing in a rhythmic sing-song style by attentively listening to my inner voice.  I begin to understand its lyrics, hear its melody, and feel the tone of its voice.  It sometimes sounds passionate, sometimes urgent, then rushed and demanding, but suddenly the light flows in showing me the cheerful side of it all… Read More

Book+$1 For Domestic Abuse

“Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, a book in which I am a contributing author, contains the stories of 43 amazing authors who have each shared their personal and inspirational true-life story of healing.  I invite each of you, right now, to consider joining me in a campaign to get this book into the hands of the… Read More

Visitors & Followers!

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Excerpt . . .New Book In Process

“It hadn’t been safe to be authentic, to express thoughts and feelings openly. In a violent, alcoholic home, is wasn’t even safe for the adults to do so. You learn to blend in, to accommodate, to be vigilant for cues of anger that often led to violence.  You hide so well you can’t even find… Read More