Look into the sun as the new days rise There’s a rhythm in rush these days. Where the lights don’t move and the colors don’t fade Leaves you empty with nothing...

“Listen to your mind but always follow your heart” Dr. Deb

Two things seem to be infinite, the universe and self-created illusions in the mind. Dr. Debbie

Live and learn, Learn to Live. Free the spirit. Lift the heart. Hug the wounded, Heal the world. Dr. Deb

It seems that . . . Only in silence do words come. Only darkness seeks light. Only in pain do we find peace. Debbie

Once Upon A Time in the real world of today, tomorrow and the before time of this very moment, a thought was born. It could be called the “I need help”...

Don’t think you are – know you are. Debbie

Blessed are the Weird People The Poets, the Misfits, the Artists, the Movie Makers, the Dreamers and the Outsiders. For they force us to see the world differently. It has been said misfits...

One of three left in the black of night, As the white coats tried to play God.

Each one of us brings something special to the table of life. Together we make the whole meal. What are you bringing to the table of life?