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Illusional Strangleholds

Stranglehold 1: Living life by responding to everything on auto-pilot rather than from the heart. Stranglehold 2: Making rushed assumptions based on damage caused by unreleased emotional life stories. The outcome of 1 & 2: Asphyxiation of mind, body & soul. THE FIX: 1.  Don't listen to the bully brain, listen to your heart. 2. … Continue reading Illusional Strangleholds

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Podcast – Gracefully Recovering from Trauma and Abuse

Dr. Andrea Pennington, brings you an inspiring interview with Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Naturopathy and Herbal Healing, who reminds us of our divine ability to heal naturally and recover from trauma and abuse with grace. Prepare to be inspired and discover how YOU can use natural healing methods to heal yourself from past trauma and drama!

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Mental Flossing Needed

One of the most difficult things in life to do is HEAL SELF Not only is "self" a tough thing to fix, the fix can only be accomplished by taking a good hard look into how we think. We do this by visiting our mind to specifically observe how we have trained ourselves to think… Continue reading Mental Flossing Needed