Spirit Prayer

Dear Spirit,

I give thanks for the healing and awareness that has taken place in me this day. In the coming days, may the understanding of this healing be revealed in a gentle and loving manner. May I be an instrument of love and peace in this world, now and always. Help me fill my heart with limitless love, compassion, and understanding.

As I go forth into each moment of this day, help me be free of fear as I unconditionally love myself and others.

Dr. Deb

PS: You are stronger than you know, braver than you think and more loved than you can image.


Time To Rise Book

Dr. Andrea Pennington has created space for a new international compilation book project entitled “Time to Rise” which will debut by the end of  December 2017. I have the honor of authoring one of the chapters in this amazing book.  More information and updates coming soon!

Update on “Time to Rise” Book

Things are moving along nicely and it appears the book will be coming out by the end of December.  The cover of the book is still a mystery to even us authors which is quite lovely actually. It has a build-up quality similar to unwrapping a Christmas present.  The chapter I authored is entitled “Playing Dead to Stay Alive Made Me “Sassy”. It’s about the lessons we learn as we experience life and the choices me make. Oh, and how to heal from our bad choices as well.  You’ll need to wait for the book to read more about that.

More updates coming soon!

Dr. Deb

Illusional Strangleholds

Stranglehold 1:
Living life by responding to everything on auto-pilot rather than from the heart.

Stranglehold 2:
Making rushed assumptions based on damage caused by unreleased emotional life stories.

Outcome of 1 & 2:
Asphyxiation of mind, body & soul.

1.  Don’t listen to the bully brain, listen to your heart.
2.  Let the memories and stories go.
3.  Advocate for yourself – don’t be a victim.
4.  Fill your mind with love, curiosity and wonder.
5.  Be your own kind of beautiful.



Podcast – Gracefully Recovering from Trauma and Abuse

Increase Self-love + Confidence and Enhance Sexual Wellbeing + Intimacy with Dr. Andrea Pennington,

brings you an inspiring interview with Debbie Engelmann, a Doctor of Naturopathy and Herbal Healing, who reminds us of our divine ability to heal naturally and recover from trauma and abuse with grace.

Prepare to be inspired and discover how YOU can use natural healing methods to heal yourself from past trauma and drama!

Debbie is a contributing author in Dr. Andrea Pennington’s new compilation book, “Time to Rise”, debuting in December 2017.  Look for updates!

Enjoy the podcast!


Mental Flossing Needed

One of the most difficult things in life to do is HEAL SELF

Not only is “self” a tough thing to fix, the fix can only be accomplished by taking a good hard look into how we think. We do this by visiting our mind to specifically observe how we have trained ourselves to think and who we believe we are.

Many people feel they don’t have the time to practice self-care. They secretly feel they don’t need, or more than likely don’t feel they deserve self-care. Their “norm” is to feel that other people, places and things must always come first. This type of “thinking” is actually part of what is called the “martyr complex” and it can become a very unhealthy, painful way to think and live. Been there, done this and am still working on it.

There are three things that can help kick-start the process of breaking free from the “I come last” belief system. Journaling is very helpful during this process.

  1. This is first and foremost the most difficult yet important step. It requires practicing being HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Everyday thinking can become camouflaged by what we think others are thinking. That is not personal truth – it’s their truth. Learning how to be honest with self requires deep courage and a strong desire to begin your living life as an authentically empowered individual – not as an extension of someone else.
  2. Secondly, begin taking responsibility for all decisions, feelings and life events you create in your life. Here again, this step can be painfully difficult. By choosing to be responsible for your entire life, you accept and are able to draw a line between what you will and will not do in your life. You learn what is important enough to you to become a “no exceptions” belief. This type of honesty allows you to be proud of every little step you take, no matter how difficult, as you learn how to heal by honoring WHO YOU AUTHENTICALLY ARE.
  3. Thirdly, learn to VALUE YOURSELF.  When you learn to respect, love and honor yourself, you learn how to say the shortest most avoided word in the English language. NO. Saying “NO” to anything that doesn’t serve you such as blaming and self-deprecation. Says NO builds confidence in yourself. It is that victory that will empower you to speak your truth at all times and become powerfully comfortable in your own skin.

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest source of our being – it cannot be bought, inherited, or hoarded.  It all about choosing how you feel and what you’ll do as you live life.

Wishing you wisdom, love and joy.