“Time to Rise” Book Debut!

With great delight I am privileged to be one of 29 amazing authors who stepped up and out of their comfort zones to share their story of personal transformation. Each and every chapter in this book is a delicious must-read experience that helps not only fill the heart, but heal the soul as well. The… Read More

The Gift of Awe – A Letter to Self

Dedicated to My Sisters – Vicki & Sandy (Originally Written January 2015) “A Letter to Myself” My thoughts are wandering back in time today – it’s been almost 10 years since both our sisters left their earthly physical form.  As I write to you Dearest Debbie, I notice with a sense of absolute wonder and awe… Read More

Book+$1 For Domestic Abuse

“Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, a book in which I am a contributing author, contains the stories of 43 amazing authors who have each shared their personal and inspirational true-life story of healing.  I invite each of you, right now, to consider joining me in a campaign to get this book into the hands of the… Read More

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Essential Wellness.com “Heart to Heart” Book Release Article

Dr. Debbie Engelmann, NHD, is a featured author in the newly published book, “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness”, containing 43 inspirational true-life healing experiences written by inspiring authors such as Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle, creators of the bestseller, “The Secret”.

How can I get through this? Why me? Am I strong enough? These are questions each author asked themselves one time or another. Questions you may even be asking yourself at this very moment. The good news is this; you already have the ability within you to have a life full of vibrant health and abundance.

Whether you’re facing an illness, nursing a broken heart, battling demons from the past, or simply wish to live a brighter and healthier future, this book will help illuminate your healing path and allow you to realize anything is possible. Order at: http://dengelmannauthor.com. Use coupon code SAVE10 for 10% off. Read More

Official Release Date Today!

“Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” Official Release Date – Today – February 26, 2015 NOW AVAILABLE!!       Coupons Available! Coupon Valid February 18, 2015 – March 31, 2015. 10% Off Heart to Heart: The Path To Wellness Book Coupon can be used on three separate orders! Select Coupon Code SAVE10 COUPON VALID… Read More

Hump Day Surpise! Store is OPEN!

“Books By Debbie Engelmann” is live! BOOKS BY DEBBIE ENGELMANN – IMAGES CREATED WITH WORDS (Click to Go To Books By Debbie Engelmann) “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness NOW AVAILABLE!!       Coupons Available! Coupon Valid February 18, 2015 – March 31, 2015. 10% Off Heart to Heart: The Path To Wellness Book Coupon… Read More

February 26, 2015 Official Release Date!

The Official Release Date of “Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness” is February 26, 2015!   The “Pre-Sale” purchase event begins midnight February 20, 2015! This means YOU can receive 15% off the price of the book by using the coupon code  “SAVE15” at checkout beginning midnight February 20, 2015 UNTIL midnight February 26, 2015.… Read More