“Silencing Echoes” Coming Soon


“Silencing Echoes”, which was the original name of my personal healing memoir, takes a look at the various ways we attempt to silence our painful echoes from the past, frequent with damaging effects on our health and spirituality as well as those around us. This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my life that not only hurt me the most, but thankfully taught me the most. The primary focus is not on the horror of each abuse, but the healing and choices I somehow made to not be a victim in spite of my history. “My echoes” of abuse were very difficult to silence. But I did exterminate it. Sadly, my story is probably not even close to the worst stories of abuse that exist in our world.

During the actual writing of this book, I have discovered the details of each abusive event no longer needs to be shared in detail – I simply needed to share the healing. This book is going to touch everyone’s heart – whether they be a victim, a perpetrator, a relative or simply a human being.

When will this book arrive? 2017 – early 2018.  Maybe sooner.

Check back for updates.

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Preface “Sneak Peek”


A taste of my new book about silencing the echoes from the past.  I welcome all comments. Debbie

“The above story is a preamble to the words contained within the chapters that follow.  A storytelling of sorts, that shows that even a helpless nine-month old child has intense feelings and memories of things adults assume they could never remember. Some memories may not be conscious at such a young age, but each memory nonetheless remains buried in the subconscious mind.  I spent a good part of my life running away from my childhood memories and for the last 12 years I’ve taken those memories out, re-lived most of them, learned from them, and ultimately released each one of them as hundreds of colorful balloons that slowly meandered and undulated higher and higher into the sky to slowly disappear.  My personal story is honest, yet raw in parts, and sadly it is shared by millions of people on this planet.

I share my story in an effort to educate all who read this book that healing is possible for those who honestly look for it.  It takes courage, patience, perseverance and numerous boxes of tissues to move through the maze of memories and claim the prize of releasing our personal stories to become whole and balanced.

Thankfully, nothing is insurmountable – not even ourselves.”

Excerpt . . .

“It hadn’t been safe to be authentic, to express thoughts and feelings openly. In a violent, alcoholic home, is wasn’t even safe for the adults to do so. You learn to blend in, to accommodate, to be vigilant for cues of anger that often led to violence.  You hide so well you can’t even find you.”

From “Forgiveness:  The Art of Silencing Echoes”

Silencing Echoes

Book in Process


This non-fiction book is based on the parts of my life that not only hurt me the most, but taught me the most.  There are things in this book that no person on this earth should ever experience, but the primary focus is not on the horror.  The focus is on the choice I somehow made to not be a victim in spite of my history.  My echoes of abuse were very difficult to silence. But I did.  And, sadly, my story is not the worst story out there.

Bottom line on this book is I’m reaching out and trying to touch everyone’s heart – whether they are the victim or the perpetrator. There is help here mostly for the victims because they didn’t ask for it, but there is also help for the ones who use violence in its various forms to control others.  We tend to forget they probably didn’t ask to learn from their own perpetrators.

When will this book arrive?  End of 2015.  Maybe sooner. Check back for updates.


Hearing Echoes

While working on my book “Silencing Echoes”, am noticing I sometimes get emotionally pulled down by some of my echoes.  That crazy human tendency we have to continually attach to a memory. And rework the memory. Multiple times. However, in my opinion, staying authentic to an echo is crucial to presenting an authentic story so I am learning to avoid the reworks.

When I go into the emotion of an echo, I think of someone I follow on Word Press, Dennis Cardiff.  This is the man who wrote the amazing book “Telling The Stories of Those Too Often Ignored:  Conversations with Street People”.   When I read those “conversations”, they hit my heart like a sledge-hammer.  I roll with that for a bit, and then I think about how that conversation affected Dennis.  What are his echoes like?  Wow.

HE is my inspiration. HE helps me pull away from my echo memories. When writing, I guess we all bleed as we birth a book don’t we.

My thanks to you Dennis.

Silencing Echoes – Book In Process



This book is definitely shape-shifting frequently as I sort through the intricate patterns and places I’m being taken.  Its evolution comes from deep within me and it can be a bit delicate to walk on some of the fragile surfaces I’m trending on.  Don’t give up – come back often for more detail.