Broken Lines

Most of us live a life that is not always made of straight lines taking us from one event to another – from point A to point B.  Many of the lines of life are actually created by broken lines; the ones drawn by an unexpected turn, or maybe when we feel we have been on a long continuous chaotic path.  In truth, it wasn’t chaotic at all. When you step back to see where you’ve been, you will notice the intricate beautiful patterns and vivid colors of a life stitched together from what had felt like nothing more than mismatched scraps of events and broken lines.  From afar, you will notice there was an intricate design all along – you were the designer.

In life, broken, crooked and straight lines will randomly occur.  What is important to understand is all those lines intersect with each other. We always have companions along our journey of life, and whatever we create, we face together because each of us is an intricate part of a much bigger design whether or not the lines are straight or broken. Together we weave a colorful unique masterpiece in the universe.

Join the party dear reader. Your mind is limitless – the effects unimaginable.  Ask questions and listen for the answers.

Enjoy the moment.

Dr. Deb

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