The Sun, 

The Moon,

And the Truth 


In my meditation this morning this rhyme hit my head….

Bet a typo I’ve made is out there
And if you point that out I think that rocks . . .

I have trouble living in a square
And I’ll fight my way out of a four-walled box . . .

So today let’s fight Perfectionism everywhere
And teach the world being “Perfect” really makes you square.

So everyone, make typos and prove you are NOT PERFECT.

Ok, I’m nuts. But I’m a happy nut . . . and probably not a poet.  🙂

Enjoy the day . . . . in every way.




I am co-authoring a book entitled
“Heart to Heart”  The Path to Wellness”

This is a big moment for me because I’m being published alongside some big industry thought leaders that appeared in the movie, “The Secret” including Dr. John Demartini and Bob Doyle.  The book includes multiple stories of how the various authors moved through their own personal healing journey and the impact their healing on their own life as well as how they now help others become the very best they can be. 

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