We each know our truth deep within our heart.

To honor that truth we must sometimes say no.

To make that exceptionally difficult task easier to do

never forget one thing…

“NO” is a complete sentence in itself.

Cause & Effect

Once Upon A Time
in the real world of today, tomorrow and the before time of this very moment, a thought was born. It could be called the “I need help” thought. Would love to say a dream, but this thought was more than a dream – it was a need deep in the soul of the one that supports us.  Mother Earth

Would you use the floor of your kitchen as a restroom? Doubt it.

Would you fertilize your garden with plastic bags? Doubt it.

Would you eat food grown in soil full of poisons? You may be.

How would you feel if all you give to others to support their life was being destroyed by ignorance?


Think about the impact everything you dispose of has upon this planet.

All damage done to Mother Earth will come back to haunt us all.

That, my dear reader, is called cause and effect.


Don’t think you are – know you are.


Birthing A Magical Idea

Each of us have “ah ha” magical ideas pop into our minds. Simultaneous with each thought, an incubation process begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about that new idea. The magical idea birthing process, as exhilarating as it feels at the beginning, isn’t the easiest thing to fully accomplish. One can easily flip into indecision and experience “creative constipation”. Below are some ways to “unstick the stuck” and release the creative miracle within you.

Avoid Comparisons

It is normal to quickly dash to the computer, get on the internet and search the topic of your “magical idea”. Be aware the mind has a sneaky tendency to automatically compare similar ideas to yours. This can lead to thoughts of worthlessness and assumptions that other people’s ideas are much better so why try.  STOP THAT THOUGHT! Your contribution IS valuable. The world needs your ideas. Be disciplined, be brave and patiently create what your radiant soul is telling you without self-judgement.

Stay Focused and Relaxed

Ernest Hemingway generally wrote each chapter of a book in one sitting regardless of how long it took him. When he was done, he returned home, had a glass of wine, and forced all memory of the chapter out of his mind. He completely avoided thinking about what he had written. One or two weeks later, he would return to the chapter to review and modify it. His purpose was to always allow the subconscious mind time to work the kinks out. He felt his conscious mind interfered too much and ultimately diluted his writing. This exact principle is applicable to birthing a miracle idea. You cannot do it in an hour, or a day. Respect the timing of your creation – don’t rush.

Simple is the Truest Way

Keep it simple. Don’t jump straight to how the finished product will look – allow its development to flow naturally. You will get emotional – simply feel it and release it. Fine tune your creation and take a walk with it – see it from a far-away place and let it talk to you. Believe what you are creating is amazing – because it is. Know your idea will reach all people of the world. Stay off the internet – create from within yourself!

Remember, you can move mountains with faith the size of a mustard seed.  A new dawn is rising – wake up to its beauty.

Blessed Are . . .

Blessed are the Weird People

The Poets, the Misfits, the Artists, the Movie Makers, the Dreamers and the Outsiders.

For they force us to see the world differently.

It has been said misfits and weird people belong only to themselves, and when they try to embrace being something different, they frequently become more socially “odd”.

Now that is odd.

Because every person DOES belong only to themselves – not others.

Seems Blessed Weird People Belong Everywhere



During these times of devastating threats and events

Many people across this planet are living in dangerous life-threatening situations. Each second of their life has them wondering if they will persevere or perish. They, and their loved ones, are suffering beyond belief.

As each of us moves through our day, remember we are all connected – some folks we know, most we don’t. Choose to consciously generate a bright field of love, blessings and healing to all who share this world with us. Please help and inspire all those in need in whatever form suits you. Contribute financially, send food, volunteer to help in some way, but above all, send loving thoughts to the millions of people who no longer have a house to protect them.

You can do this while waiting at a stoplight, waiting for a train, or while waiting for your cell phone to turn on – just do it. There are lots of folks out there barely clinging to life – they need your love and support during these times.

Someday, it could be you in the same situation.


One of the most difficult things in life to do is HEAL SELF

Not only is “self” a tough thing to fix, the fix can only be accomplished by taking a good hard look into how we think. We do this by visiting our mind to specifically observe how we have trained ourselves to think and who we believe we are.

Many people feel they don’t have the time to practice self-care. They secretly feel they don’t need, or more than likely don’t feel they deserve self-care. Their “norm” is to feel that other people, places and things must always come first. This type of “thinking” is actually part of what is called the “martyr complex” and it can become a very unhealthy, painful way to think and live. Been there, done this and am still working on it.

There are three things that can help kick-start the process of breaking free from the “I come last” belief system. Journaling is very helpful during this process.

  1. This is first and foremost the most difficult yet important step. It requires practicing being HONEST WITH YOURSELF. Everyday thinking can become camouflaged by what we think others are thinking. That is not personal truth – it’s their truth. Learning how to be honest with self requires deep courage and a strong desire to begin your living life as an authentically empowered individual – not as an extension of someone else.
  2. Secondly, begin taking responsibility for all decisions, feelings and life events you create in your life. Here again, this step can be painfully difficult. By choosing to be responsible for your entire life, you accept and are able to draw a line between what you will and will not do in your life. You learn what is important enough to you to become a “no exceptions” belief. This type of honesty allows you to be proud of every little step you take, no matter how difficult, as you learn how to heal by honoring WHO YOU AUTHENTICALLY ARE.
  3. Thirdly, learn to VALUE YOURSELF.  When you learn to respect, love and honor yourself, you learn how to say the shortest most avoided word in the English language. NO. Saying “NO” to anything that doesn’t serve you such as blaming and self-deprecation. Says NO builds confidence in yourself. It is that victory that will empower you to speak your truth at all times and become powerfully comfortable in your own skin.

Authentic power has its roots in the deepest source of our being – it cannot be bought, inherited, or hoarded.  It all about choosing how you feel and what you’ll do as you live life.

Wishing you wisdom, love and joy.


One of three left in the black of night,
As the white coats tried to play God.
Stripping her heart of its peaceful rest,
Claiming lawful words don’t matter.

Third sister stood alone in the fight,
In the blackness of that night.

Second of three lay in a cloud of haze,
Family tightly wound ’round her.
Tears told stories of memories past,
As time flew by in dwindling light.

Third sister stood alone in the quiet of  that night,
Wrapped in the beauty of the passing.

Last sister stands alone in her grief,
With a heart full of rage and contempt.
Asking why with streaming tears in her eyes,
Her soul rent with loss and regret.

To a place of soundless screams she went,
Beneath her family tree.

Last sister grieved for the first and second,
With their memory clenched to her breast.
Awoke from a dream with a twitch of a smile,
Two lost sisters with hands on her chest.

In the blink of a tear she pulled them into her heart,

Three Sisters Walking in Her Soul as One.


Three Sisters Are We – Wickie, Wandy, and Webbie
In memory of my sisters, Vicky & Sandy
They passed away 5 months apart
I am their memory keeper.


Believe in the unity of “us” – the you’s and me’s.

We defend and protect each other – no matter the threat.

That’s how it’s supposed to be.


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