Time to Rise – E-Book & Printed

Paperback Version of “Time to Rise” Book


With great delight I am privileged to be one of 29 amazing authors who stepped up and out of their comfort zones to share their story of personal transformation. Each and every chapter in this book is a delicious must-read experience that helps not only fill the heart, but heal the soul as well.  The chapter I authored is entitled “Playing Dead to Stay Alive Made Me “Sassy”. It’s about the lessons we learn as we experience life and the choices me make. Oh, and how to heal from our bad choices as well.  You’ll need to wait for the book to read more about that.

The official release date of the “Time to Rise” E-Book is December 12, 2017.  In a few weeks, a limited number of the paperback versions of the book will be available for purchase through this website.  Don’t wait another moment – click the order button.

Enjoy the read – Dr. Deb

For those who wish to have the printed version of the book, it will be going on sale January 2018 for $12.00 (Includes Shipping in US). Click the “Payment” Button to be taken to PayPal.

Click The Image to Order Your E-book Copy Now!


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