Heart to Heart Book


I’ve been writing stories in my head my whole life.  One big memory of mine was when I finally learned to write, a personal journal was what I immediately began writing in.  It became my safe place where I could express my feelings and get them out of my mind and body to release the not so nice energy and events that existed at times.  I suspect this may be part of what commonly could be the beginning of writing for most authors.  Heart to Heart:  The Path to Wellness, has 40 + incredible authors who are passing their experience on to you, the reader, to hopefully strike a chord in your heart and inspire you to begin your own healing process.  Everyone resonates to different experiences and when they connect to one on an emotional level, it can be a powerful catalyst for change.    And this is a very powerful book.

Here is a brief synopsis of the book written by the Producer and Publisher . .

Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness is an extraordinary collection of true-life experiences written from the hearts and minds of more than 40 inspiring authors. We created this book because we know there are many journeys for the mind, body, and spirit, and so many life lessons for us to explore, heal, and grow from.

How can I get through this? Why me? Am I strong enough? These are the questions all our authors have asked themselves at one time or another.  Questions you may even be asking yourself now. The good news is, you are strong enough. And you are worthy of a life that is full of vibrant health and abundance.

Whether you’re facing illness, nursing a broken heart, or battling demons from the past and wish to light the way to a brighter future, this book will illuminate your path and inspire you with the under standing that anything is possible.”

~ Sarah Prout and Sean Patrick Simpson, Co-Founders of Älska Publishing and Creators of the Heart to Heart Series

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