Debbie Engelmann, BS, NHD Bio

Debbie Engelmann’s spirituality, insight and healing gifts were and are nourished by her love of nature and all things natural.  This was the graceful foundation of who she is and what she does.  Debbie holds a Doctoral Degree in Natural Health (NHD) and Traditional Naturopathy, a Bachelor’s of Science degree with a minor in Psychology, and was trained as a Licensed Practical Nurse. Her Herbal Practitioner education includes herbal instruction and apprenticeships with herbalists Matthew Wood (RH), Lise Wolff (RH), Matthew Alfs, Steven Horne (RH) a past President of the American Herbalist Guild, and Paul Red Elk. She is currently working on her Master Herbalist Certification Program through the Midwest School of Herbal Studies. She has authored multiple natural healing articles and is a contributing author in the bestselling “Heart to Heart Series.  Her Chapter appears in Heart to Heart: The Path to Wellness book arriving January 2015.

Debbie’s business dream, Created by Nature Wellness, LLC, was realized not long after the loss of her both her two sisters months apart from each other. Through her own grief and lengthy healing journey, she ultimately became a healer herself. Her own personal journey, education and professional experiences became the foundation of the unique healing method used in her practice to empower and educate individuals how to authentically heal themselves.  She helps people learn how to use their own inherent healing ability to release negative belief patterns and achieve their highest natural level of balance and vibrancy.  The healing practice focuses on healing all four parts of the human form: the mental mind, the physical body, the spiritual soul, and the emotional self.

She has dedicated many volunteer hours helping others in crisis as a trained Hospice Volunteer and Rape Crisis Intervention Advocate and she has precious insight into the very special needs of people faced with end-of-life care and life threatening illnesses.  Compassion for all without judgement is a core belief.

Quote from Debbie:  “I have chosen to dedicate my life to playing a small part in helping people achieve healing by respectfully guiding them through not only their own personal health issues, but by also helping them gain a clear understanding of how to accomplish that frequently elusive goal of being balanced mentally, physically, emotionally, and spiritually. Learning this can lead to experiencing joy in waking up each morning, practicing the forgotten skill of smiling, breathing deeply, and simply being awed by everything that surrounds us. True balance and healing allows us to experience our life with vibrancy.”

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Phone:  USA – 952.237.8145


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