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Birthing A Magical Idea

Each of us has "ah ha" magical ideas pop into our mind. Simultaneous with the thought, an incubation period begins to create multiple layers of possibilities about the new idea. The magical idea birthing process, as exhilarating as it feels at the beginning, isn't the easiest thing to accomplish.

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Writing with Passion – Healing with Purpose

Some of you may not know I am a writer and a Doctor of Natural Health.  I share that information to set the stage as you begin to read the words that follow.  I have struggled for some time on how to blend both "parts" of me together, and today, I discovered that I no longer need… Continue reading Writing with Passion – Healing with Purpose

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The Land of the Unknown

There is a powerful tool called "questioning" in the land of opportunity, creativity and innovation. Questioners learn to love that great unknown area of the mind because of all the open space. Let's cultivate ignorance (the great unknown) instead of fearing it. If we decide to do that, we need a tool to help us… Continue reading The Land of the Unknown

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Election Reflections

This was shared on Facebook by a friend of mine - the message is powerful on many levels. Enjoy . . . Debs My hope is that no matter who wins it can be the beginning of change. Maybe change in politics, but hopefully change in each of us. Because real change starts with us… Continue reading Election Reflections

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Balance – Tumbling By Design

The universe is exceedingly playful and responsive to our needs. In fact, walking through life is similar to walking a tightrope stretched across the entire vastness of space. This could be by design or an attempt to help us to remember to live in balance - especially the difficult areas of life.

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A Prayer for All Beings

We ask for the healing of planet Earth. May all beings, animals, plants, land and waters flourish and be nurtured. May all live their lives fully and completely, and add to life even in death. May they die in their own time, complete and safe from harm. We ask for all humans to live in… Continue reading A Prayer for All Beings